Would You like to know my story?

I am a true California girl born and raised and still loving the sunshine. I hold a Bachelor of Art degree with a specialization certificate in Digital Art, from California State University Channel Island. I am 28-years-old and have been designing for more than twelve years specializing in Adobe Photoshop.

My personal design portfolio can be viewed here. My design services are currently available for any freelance work you may have. My design work for hire includes graphic design, web design, website optimization and conversion, photography, print design, logo design, web design, branding, typography, advertising & more.

As of 2015 I also co-own a non-profit company called Nerder Mysteries. We produce Nerd Themed Murder Mystery shows for charity and we are currently raising money for LUMOS, Jo Rowling's own charity.

My spare time is devoted to volunteering at the Renaissance faires of califonia, attending or volunteering at a variety of fandom or comic conventions and events, cosplay and disneybounding, hanging out in Disneyland, traveling, or running races and attending bootcamp fitness classes.

Above all I love to explore & travel the world! I have been to the majority of all US states, and traveled twice to Ireland, England, and Scotland. My heritage is Greek and Italian and I plan to visit these two beautiful countries in the future.


I have been collecting Harry Potter memorabilia since I was 11 years old and I am now 28. The very first words that I overheard were "Alas! Earwax!", of course referring to Dumbledores discovery of his earwax flavored Berti Bots every flavor bean he consumes near the end of the first Harry Potter book. My dad had been reading the book allowed on the couch, to my younger sister Kristy that fateful night as I walked by and I began to tease her for choosing to read such a silly and gross sounding book. Later in the evening they had finished book one, and my sister had become so upset by my comments she demanded that I read it. She proceeded to throw the book into my room and told me not to come out until I had given it a chance. At that time I was not a fan of reading but decided to give it a go.

I had become so enthralled by the story, the characters, the connections to my own life, the writing style, and the magic that by the next morning I had finished the first book. I even proceeded to sneak books two and three off of my sister's bookshelf to begin them. When I had finished these I was so upset when I was informed book four was still not published yet.

We began to attend the midnight book release parties, then the midnight movie release parties, conventions, film locations, quidditch matches, Potter fan events, and much more. As time went on my sister and I finally became friends through Harry Potter. Harry Potter not only made me into the avid reader I am today but It brought my sister and I together as friends at last.

The first book related item that I ever collected were these original plastic Harry Potter character set of figurine toys that my dad had bought me. My first movie related item was a huge double sided Sorcerers Stone movie Poster that I received from the local theater we had been at for the midnight showing of the first movie. From there I realized how inspiring and motivating the memorabilia was to me and how it sparked my creativity in my passion for graphic design and my art. I began collecting everything. My friends and family are constantly gifting items to me throughout each year for every holiday and for special occasions. I had friends from around the world who would even send me items they would find in other countries. I of course bought my fare share of items, but always worked hard to afford it all on my own. The only two related things I do not collect are Harry Potter Legos, and Harry Potter Toner Doll replicas.

My collection is priceless to me and will never be for sale. As of late however, I will be donating a few pieces to a silent charity auction that I am hosting at my own non-profit company’s charity event here in December that will benefit Jo Rowling’s own LUMOS foundation.

I was published in a variety of articles online and in print beginning in 2010 after winning a contest to find the most dedicated Harry Potter fan. After my good friend Steve decided to make up a brand new Guinness World Record category for his Harry Potter collection and set the pace for the largest collection of Harry Potter memorabilia, I then applied myself to break his record since we both knew I have at least three times as many items as he does. Guinness approved my attempt at the record but also said that I would need to pay them about $7,000 in fees to fly one of their people out to California to have them sign off on my record attempt. As I do not have that sort of money, that dream of mine was squashed.

Growing up, my life goal had always been to meet JK Rowling, the author. Jo is my inspiration for life, my role model; and even though now we have only met once and communicated through letters; I still consider her a friend. Her life story was and is always inspirational to me.

She overcame so many hardships and never gave up. So that’s exactly what I decided to do. I Never Gave up. I had a constant need in my heart to thank her in person for giving me and millions of others, a purpose, power, strength, friendship, magic, and love. I tried and failed many times to meet her.

Once I even camped out for a week in Trafalgar square for the final Harry Potter movie premier! I was number 30 in line of 10,000 fans and was able to score a spot front and center on the red carpet and still Jo had walked directly by the fans in the front that had waited the longest to meet her. (not on purpose of course; but she did not know) But the point of this is, I never gave up on my dreams no matter what. I finally was successful in October 2012 when I met Jo in New York city at a book signing. I had written her a letter of my personal life story, of my struggles, and of my constant love of helping hundreds of friends and strangers alike by inspiring them to live their lives to the fullest, and handed this to her personally.

She then proceeded to write a personal reply letter back to me explaining that I was an inspiration to her! Jo had gone above and beyond any of my expectations and her letter, and those memories of meeting her, are my pride and joy. I proceeded to actually get some of her words from the letter tattooed across my right forearm to always have it close by and for it to continue to encourage me to always be strong and an inspiration to others every day.

Today I still occasionally receive my own fan-mail from fellow Potter fans around the world, who find me online or through my website, who are always wishing to talk about their lives and share their stories with me. Some ask for advice on life and others are just so happy to see my adventures and attitude in my own life and hope to follow suit. I encourage them that anything is possible, to never give up, and sometimes help them find their own local Potter events they can join in on. On a few occasions I have even been able to save a few lives of depressed fans who reached out to me, which has truly emotionally impacted me when I realize my own strength and that sometimes all people need is love.

I love to meet and chat with people personally at events and conventions as often as possible and am constantly traveling weekly. I have met thousands of fans around the world now and I love every one of them! The Harry Potter fan community in particular is one of the absolute genuinely nicest group of fans you will ever come across. I personally believe this is due to the fans truly believing and embracing the positive themes, morals, and messages throughout these books.

Today I have gone through a vast amount of life changes but Harry Potter will ALWAYS be my life. I have an amazing home with my nerdy roommate friends, a cat named Neville, I volunteer at the Renaissance faires, and attend or volunteer at almost all of the fandom events and comic conventions of Southern California, I work as a Graphic/Web Designer and the biggest news of all is a super top secret project with Universal!

Over the last few years I have also found a love for the BBC show, Doctor Who which I have jumped head over heals into the Fan community and franchise and absolutely LOVE everything about it.

A while back I also began to join in the cosplay community crafting and making costumes for dressing up at conventions and events for multiple fandoms and characters including ones from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, Firefly, and Disney.

Currently, I continue to collect Harry Potter memorabilia and continue to travel to the conventions, theme parks, and events. This past July, I attended my 7th Harry Potter convention and last year went to the Wizarding World theme park in Florida for my 4th time. Please feel free to ask any questions! I am very open about my life and I am so excited for this opportunity.

MY WEBSITE theharrypotterfan.com
My Cosplay Page

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